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is a fully ecological product, as its production process

from quarry to final installation is highly efficient and no chemical products are used throughout the entire process.

Indeed, the entire production process of natural slate is carried out exclusively through mechanical processes, which means that no chemical waste is generated.

The waste that goes to the dump is completely natural: the useless mineral that had been extracted from the mountain is destined to landfill,

and the landscape is recovered by hydroseeding with indigenous plants, a process that is approved and supervised by the competent environmental authorities.

During the entire process of extraction and transformation, all the water used is recycled and purified in a closed circuit to avoid wasting such a precious resource.

The most ecological and sustainable choice

Life cycle analyses, which make it possible to assess the environmental impact during all stages of a product’s existence, confirm that natural slate is the most ecological choice for any architectural project.

Natural roofing slate provides today’s building solutions without compromising the capacity of future generations, ensuring a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social well-being, through its positive effect on the economy and employment and its contribution to curbing depopulation in rural areas.

Our success is based on the quality and rigorous selection of our products, which are certified in the most demanding countries due to their proven features under all climatic conditions.